Sony lowers price of PlayStation 2 to $129.99

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Sony lowers price of PlayStation 2 to $129.99
Sony lowers price of PlayStation 2 to $129.99
A little earlier than expected, Sony announced today that they've reduced the recommended retail price for the PlayStation 2 from $149.99 to $129.99/$139.99 CND. Just as the earlier report suggested, Sony didn't opt for a more dramatic $99 price drop, instead going for a more subtle cut ahead of this May's E3.

So, will Microsoft follow suit by cutting the price of the original Xbox from $149? Considering the company's willingness to leave their previous generation console behind, we'd say the chances are unlikely. Meanwhile, the Nintendo GameCube has been sitting pretty at a $99 price point since September 2003.

Read the relevant section of the press release after the jump.

Sony Computer Entertainment America Lowers the Price of
Computer Entertainment System to $129.99

FOSTER CITY, Calif., April 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. today announced that it has made its PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system more affordable than ever throughout North America.

Effective immediately, consumers can purchase the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $129.99/$139.99 CND.  The company expects this latest price move to fuel consumer demand even further.
PlayStation 2 is the most popular gaming platform in North America, Europe/PAL territories and Japan/Asia, the only gaming platform to enjoy such widespread global success.  To date, more than 101 million PlayStation 2 units and approximately one billion pieces of software for the PlayStation 2 have shipped worldwide, making it the fastest-selling gaming platform in the world.
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