Meizu's iPod-ish Mini Player shows Apple a thing or two

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Meizu's iPod-ish Mini Player shows Apple a thing or two
Normally we would frown on another cheap iPod rip-off from China, but in the case of Meizu's Mini Player, it looks like they've actually managed to make an improvement on the oft-copied design. Sure, that control scheme might not have any scroll action in it, but it does make room for 2.4-inches of QVGA screen in a form factor smaller than a 5G iPod. We can't complain about the price either, with versions ranging from a $87 512MB unit, all the way to a $200 4GB model. The unit supposedly supports video and playback, though we're not sure of the extent of codec support. We do know that the Mini Player has 20 hours of claimed battery life for music playback, which doesn't sound bad at all for the tiny 0.4-inch thick device. We don't really expect to see it in the States any time soon, but this is one iPod look-alike we actually wouldn't mind spending a bit of time with.

[Via Engadget Chinese]
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