Hands on with Soul of the Ultimate Nation

Jennie Lees
J. Lees|05.11.06

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Hands on with Soul of the Ultimate Nation
Hands on with Soul of the Ultimate Nation

Korean MMO company Webzen is launching an attack on the Western world with Huxley, but the company isn't confining itself to the MMOFPS genre. Soul of the Ultimate Nation is a fantasy-themed MMO with a distinctive Eastern style that will be launched in North America during 2007 (it's currently in open beta in Korea).

Fantasy MMOs are ten a penny these days, so we asked Webzen representatives what makes SUN different. They are banking on its graphical style to win fans, and also its competitive nature -- players enter into 'competitive hunting' with others, rather than co-operating as in many other MMOs. The game also features voice chat amongst adventuring parties and guilds.

For a game that's banking on its graphics so heavily, we expected something a little special -- instead, SUN is extremely reminiscent of Guild Wars with similar style characters, environments and even a near-identical skill bar. The character customisation options are similar to FFXI or Lineage. While the voice-chat aspect may make the game stand out, one feature alone does not a successful MMO make.
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