Sony throws party for Vaios, fakes Blu-ray demo

Who'd you think you were fooling, Sony? You go throw some big huge party celebrating the 10 year birthday of the Vaio and the launch of the Vaio UX Micro PC and your new flagship Blu-ray playing AR series 17-inch powerhouse laptop, replete with demo of early Blu-ray title House of Flying Daggers. And then you get done caught red-handed by a meddling reporter who discovered the Blu-ray playback is actually coming straight off a typical, normal old DVD R. It's a sham, Sony, the whole thing's a sham! How are you gonna make a case for your laptop -- let alone Blu-ray as a format -- now that you tried to pawn off a DVD as a Blu-ray tech demo to a room full of industry professionals? We hope at least it was playing back a high def trailer, or something; now go to your room, you're gonna have some serious alone time, little mister.

Update: To be honest, we never thought this one would take off the way it has, but it looks like we underestimated the forensic skills of the collective. The latest word is that someone claiming to be from Sony has posted a comment on Gearlog saying that there were two laptops, one with the DVD-R of "House of Flying Daggers," and the other with the Blu-ray version, so that folks could make a side-by-side comparison. Gearlog's reporter apparently popped the latch on the DVD version, and didn't check the Blu-ray one. We have no way to independently verify this version (or Gearlog's original take), though Notebook Review does have some pics clearly showing two laptops on display at the Sony shindig. All of this leads us to one conclusion: Next time, Sony should just invite us to their parties, and we'll get it straight. And we may even like the tinfoil-flavored cake, too.