TUAW Tip: Pair your Apple Remote to your Mac

Scott McNulty
S. McNulty|05.18.06

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TUAW Tip: Pair your Apple Remote to your Mac
TUAW Tip: Pair your Apple Remote to your Mac
Now that almost every Mac (expect for that odd duck, the Power Mac) sports Front Row and an Apple Remote many more people will find them in a situation I just experienced. I am typing this post on a brand new MacBook (I'll share my opinion about that later today) and I am listening to some music on my iMac through the magic of Front Row.

The song playing (Paint it Black) was a little too loud, so I picked up my trusty Apple Remote and turned down the volume. Both the iMac and the MacBook picked up on the signal and the volume on both was adjusted. Oh, the horror!

There is a simple way around this though, just pair your Mac and your Apple Remote following these instructions. This way a prankish Mac user (I'm looking at you, Woz) can't go around putting your Mac to sleep with the remote and all the Macs in your room won't respond to the same remote.
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