Best of E3 2006 from TeamXbox

Adams Briscoe
A. Briscoe|05.19.06

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Adams Briscoe
May 19th, 2006
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Best of E3 2006 from TeamXbox
Best of E3 2006 from TeamXbox

The guys over at have whipped up their "Best of E3" feature to give gamers the heads-up on what shined through at the convention. You can probably deduce from their name that they didn't nominate certain companies or their products (we're looking at you Sony and Nintendo). So with that said, here are a few noteworthy awards for everything Xbox.

Best Graphics: Gears of War / Runner up: BioShock
Best Action Game: Lost Planet / Runner up: Too Human
Best Racing Game: MotoGP '06 / Runner up: Test Drive Unlimited
Best Sports Game: Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis / Runner up: NCAA Football 07
Sleeper Hit: Just Cause / Runner up: Dead Rising
Best Xbox 360 Game: Mass Effect / Runner up: Gears of War

So what do you think? Of course, don't forget to check out the full feature for write-ups and other nominations.

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