Dell gives retail another shot

With all the hubbub around Apple's new Fifth Avenue store, Dell has decided to jump into those dangerous waters once again. Their brief foray into Sears stores in 2003 didn't last long, and they currently have 161 mall kiosks across the country, but this time Dell is doing it Apple style and opening two 3000 square foot stores. The stores are showing up in the NorthPark Center in Dallas and the Palisades Center in West Nyack, NY -- both Apple locations -- but they won't have inventory. Dell is going to stick with their direct model by offering online orders from their store, and will just use the retail store to showcase their products in action. They're still working out the details such as a Genius Bar equivalent, but we're standing by to see a few thousand Dell fanboys line up for free t-shirts and rabid fandom.

[Via AppleInsider]