Updated GP2X handheld, MKII, shipping now

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Updated GP2X handheld, MKII, shipping now
Updated GP2X handheld, MKII, shipping now

Back in February, we referenced the release of a rather mysterious "second edition" of the eminently hackable GP2X handheld while professing a lack of knowledge of just what had been improved. Play Asia are now stocking the GP2X MKII and, so as not to confuse it with the second edition, Wikipedia reveals the MKII is in fact the "seventh edition" of the console. Really, we're totally confused. Where's versions three through six?

Regardless, the MKII upgrades include:
  • Preattached screen cover
  • Larger (more grippy) joystick cap
  • Firmware v2.0 (features)
  • Comes with 2 game demos (Vektar & Payback)
Already have a GP2X? You can get some of that MKII flava by adding the game demos and upgrading to the new firmware; otherwise, $170 nets you the updated version.

[Thanks craig; via DCEmu]
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