Tenchu global invasion in 2006

Alan Rose
A. Rose|05.23.06

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Tenchu games in 2006
Tenchu games in 2006
Tenchu games in 2006If you need a new fix of stealthy ninja action, From Software has three Tenchu games currently in the works. The bad news is that two of these titles won't be seeing American shores anytime soon (at least, not in an official capacity).

Time of the Assassins for the PSP arrives in Europe on June 23, and features 50 stand-alone missions, as well as individual campaigns for main characters Rikimaru, Ayame, Rin, and Tesshu.

Meanwhile, it was announced at E3 that Dark Secret will be available stateside for the DS on August 21. The game was recently released in Japan as Dark Shadow, and you can read GameSpot's hands-on feature for more details.

Finally, the tentatively-titled Tenchu 360 is expected at the end of the year, but may initially be a Japanese exclusive. In the series' next-gen debut, you will be able to create and customize your own ninja, and then go online for some co-op play with the original characters. We'll keep you posted on North American release dates.
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