Promet's little bro, the HRP-2m "Choromet" humanoid robot

Evan Blass
E. Blass|05.30.06

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Promet's little bro, the HRP-2m "Choromet" humanoid robot
It's no secret that we love us some humanoid robots around here, and while their skiing, fighting, and temp skills are always impressive, all we really wanna do is watch the little guys dance. Unfortunately for us, most of the dancing bots we see around here are crazy expensive -- see the Partner Ballroom Dance Robot, for example -- including the HRP-2m "Promet" model that costs over $70,000-a-year just to rent. Well apparently Promet's manufacturer, Kawada Industries, haven't found much of a market for their pricey life-sized bot, so they've teamed up with Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and three other firms to build a smaller, cheaper version of the HRP-2m called the Choromet. Powered by Linux, this 35-centimeter tall version can perform most of the same tricks as its big brother (such as standing on one leg, or delivering a killer Voltron impression) at a much more reasonable $4,450, and is being targeted towards the academic and research communities (which is where Promet originally learned to shake his groove thing).

[Via I4U, thanks Bram V.]
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