Das BlackBerry 8707v now available on Vodafone Germany

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|05.31.06

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Das BlackBerry 8707v now available on Vodafone Germany
If it's not the South Koreans or the Japanese having all the fun, it's those crazy Germans, what with their Autobahn, Oktoberfest, and now the BlackBerry 8707v. In releasing RIM's first UMTS device, Vodafone is upstaging T-Mobile Germany on its home turf, having just released the more pedestrian EDGE-only 8700g earlier this year. Besides the addition of UMTS 2100 and a fresh look, users will barely notice the difference between the two device's spec sheets: both come equipped with quad-band GSM, a 320x240 display, and 64MB of onboard flash. Some select 8707v pr0n after the break.

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