System update 2.71 details

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David Hinkle
June 1st, 2006
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System update 2.71 details
System update 2.71 details

The latest firmware update has been released for the PSP, which is version 2.71 to be exact, and aside from its homebrew-killing powers, the update provides the following:
  • Internet Browser can now be used to download demo version of games to memory stick. Available game demos are Loco Roco and Kazuo
  • LocationFree Player now displays correct image when selecting the external tune. This affects users using LocationFree base station model LF-B1 (North America/Taiwan/Korea model) and LF-X11 (North America model). LocationFree base station models for Japan/Europe are not affected. 
  • The icon "Goto Network Service" has been added into the "Network" column.
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