B&O BeoVision 7-40 reviewed

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Thomas Ricker
June 2nd, 2006
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B&O BeoVision 7-40 reviewed

If you're the type who rolls deep enough to hang with Bang & Olufsen then you'll want to check the TrustedReview of the 40-inch BeoVision 7-40 LCD TV. This 1366 x 768 resolution set with "satisfactory" 800:1 contrast ratio features an "adequate" set of connectors including 3 x SCART (with RGB), DVI, component, and D-sub for computers. And those B&O, screen positioning hydraulics are sure to impress your friends from the barrio as you make this mutha bounce tilt and swivel via remote control. Now, about that little bulge at the base of the screen... just run your fingers beneath it to liberate a built-in, lighted disc tray "without so much as a whisper" ready for DVD or CD playback -- DivX, MP3, JPEG and Video CDs all supported. The sound system not only pulls a 10/10 rating, but TR says it's the best they've ever heard from a TV. Oh, and the image quality didn't disappoint either, noting that few TVs they've reviewed looked so "magnificently textured and clear" even when this BeoVision was subjected to standard definition broadcasts. Overall the set pulls an 8/10 rating, however that $14k price tag and lack of a digital tuner means only a few of us wage monkeys will ever take this baby home.
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