Kodak Easyshare V603 reviewed

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Paul Miller
June 7th, 2006
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Kodak Easyshare V603 reviewed
We're liking the looks of this Easyshare V603 6.1 megapixel shooter from Kodak, but just because Kodak makes it sexy doesn't mean the pictures will turn out -- as their V570 so completely evidenced. Luckily, the V603 seems to have pics as well as looks, and that 2.5-inch LCD doesn't hurt nothing neither. Kodak had to lose the optical viewfinder, but the LCD seems to be plenty usable in bright sunlight, so it shouldn't be missed. The 3x optical zoom is just average, but the built-in flash manages pretty well for its size. With ISO values from 80-800, you should find something that works. Noise is minimal up to ISO 200 and shouldn't be much of a problem at ISO 400 for small prints. The reviewer liked the feel and controls of the camera, and at 0.9-inches thick it shouldn't be too bothersome in a pocket. Image quality was pretty good, and though the camera on auto has a tendency to overexpose images, that's an easy fix in the settings. Operation was also quite speedy, and the interface is pretty easy to get along with. It's not hard to find a 6 megapixel camera for less than the V603's $280 pricetag, but it seems to be a pretty good compact offering from Kodak all the same.
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