UK gaming events this summer

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UK gaming events this summer
UK gaming events this summer

This summer is shaping up to be great one, at least in terms of the number of UK gaming trade shows and conferences coming up soon. The great gaming fiasco of 2004 resulted in both of the major gaming trade shows in the UK (Game Stars Live and ECTS) being canceled when they decided to take place at exactly the same time, so it's great to finally see that the industry has picked itself up.

Click continue to see a round-up of some future gaming events within the United Kingdom. Joystiq's UK contingent (consisting of Jennie and I) hopes to be able to attend as many of these events as possible so if you're also planning on attending make sure to leave us a comment. If we've missed a show or conference, let us know and I'll add your tip to the table.

Event Where/When? How much? The buzz
Women in Games UK University of Teeside, 10th - 11th July Before 14th July: £50 for students and £100 for non-students. After 14th July: £75 for students and £150 for non-students. Sex in games keynote, panel on hiring/retaining next-gen positions and ARGs.
Develop Conference Brighton, 11th - 13th July Expo: free. Conference before 10th June: £435+VAT: After: £570+VAT.
Big name speakers including Peter Molyneux and Marty from Bungie. Wide ranging lecture topics from the Uncanny Valley to DirectX 10.
GamesEdu Conference Brighton, 14th July Up to 10th June: £95+VAT. After 10th June: £110+VAT Academia and game design, teaching programming and generally furthering the talent pool in the UK.
Edinburgh Interactive Entertainment Festival Edinburgh, 21st - 22nd August Before July 1st: £155+VAT. After July 1st: £195+VAT Student pass: £75 Game screenings of unreleased games, award ceremony for innovative titles and conferences on topics ranging from game ratings to Lara vs. Joanna Dark.
Games Market Europe London, 6th - 7th September Free (last year) to members of the press/trade. Otherwise TBA. Judging by last year's show: a few playable titles and a good chance to network.
GDC London London, 3rd - 4th October TBA: expect usual GDC pricing. No details released so far. More information coming in June.
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