Rumor: Indie darling Darwinia to hit XBLA?

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In some leftover scuttlebutt from GDC, word on the street is that the bad boys from Introversion, the independent developers that created indie-darling (and Independent Games Festival winner) Darwinia are working with the big boys in Redmond to get their game on the Xbox Live Arcade platform. Reasons why this is a logical move and a likely rumor:
  • They've already gotten Darwinia on that other major digital distribution network (psst: it begins with "Stea" and ends with "m". Got it?)
  • Uh, they've said they're interested. We know, everyone's interested. Fellow Steam-distributed developers Ritual Entertainment keep screaming about it, but they've got that whole enormous download thing to deal with. The XBLArcade blog points us to this video (.wmv) of SpikeTV's GameHead where Introversion's Mark Morris says, "... it's about 30 megs which makes it perfect for things like Live Arcade." CliffyB asks if they're planning on it and Morris responds, "I'm gonna try. Gonna talk to Microsoft and see what they say."
  • XBLArcade correctly points out that if the developers of an award-winning and critically acclaimed independent game want to bring it to your platform, what do you say? Well, according to German blog Xbox Archiv, you say "Yes. Please." They claim to have overheard a conversation at GDC between the two parties.
Let's hope that logic wins the day and we get another stellar entrant to Microsoft's walled-garden of Arcade treats.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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