SnapStream's Beyond TV 4.3 now with ShowSqueeze

Beyond TV HDTV

It never fails when Microsoft releases a product it is seldom the best, but since it is so readily available *Read Free* it's easy to forget about the competition. Whether you are Citrix, PC-Anywhere or Snapstream, you have differentiate yourself by including some great features the Microsoft fans will have to wait for the next big release to get. The DIY DVR market isn't any different and Beyond TV has just raised the ante with 4.3. This is a great release for HD fans, it not only doesn't requires an NTSC tuner, but now it includs some additional HDTV specific features that you won't find in MCE.

The biggest new feature for HD fans is ShowSqueeze, you might be thinking that squeezing your shows is a bad thing, but hard drive space can be expensive. An accompanying feature called StreamSnip will strip away unwanted sub channels, you know that weather map and ShowSqueeze will automatically compress the shows with the latest CODECs to help you save space without sacrificing PQ.

Beyond TV 4.3 now supports DivX 6.1 as well as the latest ATI Theater 650 chipset, which is the first to include a hardware encoded NTSC tuner and ATSC tuner on one chip.

Look forward to a full review, since SnapStream was nice enough to send us a copy for the HD Beat labs.