Avaya announces one-X Deskphone Edition IP phones

Evan Blass
E. Blass|06.09.06

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Avaya announces one-X Deskphone Edition IP phones
Four upcoming VoIP phones from Avaya are promising to meet the communications needs of nearly every type of employee at your company, from the receptionist on the phone all day to the salesperson always on the road to the executive who needs complete control over his/her conference calls. Falling under the general one-X Deskphone Edition brand, all members of the 9600 series -- the 9610, 9620, 9630, and 9650 -- feature high-quality audio with G.722 wideband audio support, Avaya's Communication Manager software, and the ability to add new apps on-the-fly through the integrated Wireless Markup Language (WML). As you step up the model line, each phone adds more features and controls for advanced users, so the 9610 is a rather simple unit designed for ease-of-use by the general public in a lobby setting, while the 9650 is meant for people who are making and taking calls non-stop throughout the day. Although Avaya neglected to release any pricing information, we do know that the 9620 and 9630 will be available next month, while the 9610 and 9650 won't show up until early next year.
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