Averatec's 10.6-inch AV1150 ultra-portable notebook

Evan Blass
E. Blass|06.15.06

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Averatec's 10.6-inch AV1150 ultra-portable notebook
Averatec has just released the first member of its new 1100 series of ultra-portable notebooks, the AV1150-EW1, which sports the same low voltage Pentium M chip that we saw last year in the company's 1000 series, but improves on several other key specs. The most notable difference between the two series is the inclusion of a DVD burner on the new model, although doubling the RAM from 512MB to 1GB is certainly a much appreciated bump as well. All the rest of the features -- 80GB HDD, integrated graphics, WXGA display, and 802.11b/g -- remain the same, and yet Averatec has still managed to shave off a few ounces to help the 1150 weigh in at just 3.4 pounds. Available immediately online or in select stores, we found this model selling for a wallet-friendly $1,300, which is a bit less than the AV1050 commanded at its debut.

[Via The Gadgets Weblog]
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