David Chartier
D. Chartier|06.21.06

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UPDATE: A commenter on this post has published a fix for the Procrastinatr damage which I've tested multiple times. We have a new post here with instructions and a download.

TUAW readers: I sincerely apologize for the damage that Procrastinatr did to iCal. I didn't notice any discrepancies in my calendar after trying this out (as almost all of my calendars are synced from Google Calendar), but please know that I have learned my lesson, and I will take much better care in the future before posting anything like this again.

One commenter has created an AppleScript that supposedly fixes the problem, which we are testing (and re-testing) right now. Again, please accept my sincerest apologies, and we will update as soon as we learn anything more.

If you're feeling overwhelmed from the onslaught of YouTube forwards, newsreader headlines, Miniclip games and software demos we tirelessly blog for you, Procrastinatr just might be your solution. Even though it's only a 0.8b version, this handy little app can help you make molehills out of mountains and start managing your time again.

Procrastinatr is provided free of charge from
It's a joke app that is somewhat malicious. Avoid it.
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