EA's NHL 07 not releasing for Nintendo systems

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EA's NHL 07 not releasing for Nintendo systems
Jen Riley, Electronic Arts publicist, commented recently that the release of the 2007 edition of their NHL title would not be gracing any Nintendo consoles or handhelds, including the company's next-generation console, the Wii. The company has not decided to totally abandon Nintendo consoles, however, as Jen commented that "many of our other games are continuing to support DS and we hope to be on the Wii in the future."

Now, we can understand not having the game launch on the GameCube, which has all but been forgotten, but to not support the Wii? Even given that EA would have little time to come up with a way to properly utilize the Wiimote in this title, should that be enough for a game to be denied exposure on the system? Just because Nintendo has this groundbreaking control scheme doesn't mean that every game's experience needs to be centered around it.
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