Robert Scoble needs our help (again)

Someone has to do it, and since we're at least partially responsible, we should be the ones to help. Robert Scoble has an HDTV problem. If you've been reading his blog lately it is allhigh definition (and HD DVD) all the time. We understand that the beautiful 60-inch Sony SXRD might drive someone to the insanity of posting about HD even hundreds of times a month, but trust us, this is a road you don't want to go down. It starts off with a little NFL here, a little Lost there, and then bam, you're strung out hanging outside of Best Buy offering a kidney in exchange for a pre-release Blu-ray player.

All jokes aside, we can definitely relate to his passion for HD. He's also got some interesting responses to pressing high-def issues. He thinks that regardless of the10 reasons high definition formats have failed already, the biggest problem they have is price. Right now neither is within reach of most consumers and for the near future will both have extremely limited content. Much like Tim Goodman it is always interesting to watch someone turn and the familiar stages they go through.