Wired on the Apple media backlash

Scott McNulty
S. McNulty|07.11.06

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Wired on the Apple media backlash
Leander Kahney takes on all the recent Apple hating in this column today at Wired.com. He asserts that Apple, as a company, gets a lot of attention from the media at large for a number of reasons. Apple is seen as the 'thought leader,' where its hardware goes other PC makers usually follow.

The downside to all this attention? When things go bad, and they always will at some point, everyone knows about it thanks to sites like TUAW (and others on the MacWeb). This has an 'echo chamber' effect where it seems like every MacBook turns yellow the second you touch it and your iPod is bound to get you struck by lightning.

Leander thinks that things get blown out of proportion, and I agree.
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