Hands-on with Sima's Hitch USB transfer device

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Paul Miller
July 12th, 2006
Hands-on with Sima's Hitch USB transfer device
The iPod-heads over at iLounge have just gotten their hands on that Hitch device from Sima for iPod-to-iPod and other on-the-go USB file transfers. They seemed to like what they see, noting that the interface is about as easy to use as it could be, and the Linux-based kernel seemed plenty stable and capable. According to Sima's own numbers, the USB 2.0 unit can transfer a 4MB song in 6 seconds, which should be fine for most transfers, but could get tiring for major file swapping sessions. The main limitation that iLounge spotted is that the device will only work with PC-formatted iPods, which might pose a problem for some users, especially those with older units, but shouldn't be much of a deal breaker for most. Check the read link for plenty of hot file-transfer action shots.
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