The Omni Group hints at Yet Another Product

Dan Pourhadi
D. Pourhadi|07.12.06

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Dan Pourhadi
July 12th, 2006
The Omni Group hints at Yet Another Product
It's a sad, sad day when the Mac world gets all giddy over some third-party application that does something somehow for whatever reason -- but we're not really sure what -- though it has a yellowish icon and is supposedly eagerly requested by a bunch of people and is, after all, by the same company that brought you OmniWeb, OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, and OmniDazzle (you know, that other product we were all giddy about).

And despite the vague (viz: non-existent) description and the lack of hints as to its purpose, I am excited to hear about the new mystery app the fine folks at The Omni Group are cooking up. All they'll tell us is that it's repeatedly requested, the pic shown here is a blurred image of it, and it is not a replacement for Mail and is not a word processor.

So why spread non-information, you ask? Well, because if you correctly guess what it is (in the blog post's comments) you'll get a super-secret sneak peak at the future OmniWhatever. And then you could slip us a note as to what it is.

I mean, not like we're condoning you breaking the trust of The Omni Group and leaking information regarding OmniSecret. That would just be wrong -- and if you do, frankly, I'm not sure we could be friends anymore. We love those guys.

But yeah. You know how to reach us.
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