Six from EA

Jason Wishnov
J. Wishnov|07.13.06

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Six from EA
They own the worldElectronic Arts generally releases games for more platforms than we even knew existed. Thus, when they announce support for the Wii, we have trouble acting surprised, even for the benefit of our readers. When they announce that their tried-and-true franchises are being given unique control schemes by a dedicated team, however, we then tend to pay a bit more attention.

Everyone knew, of course, that Madden 2007 was getting a specialized Wii treatment. In a press release earlier today, however, they have announced similar plans for five more games: Harry Potter, Need for Speed, Tiger Woods: PGA TOUR, SSX, and The Godfather. Whoa.

Need for Speed: Carbon was indeed known to be coming to the Wii, albeit we had no idea what playing it would be like. Chances are, it will utilize a similar control scheme as Excitetruck, the Wiimote aligned horizontally. Tiger Woods will offer a more intense golf simulation over that of the Wii Sports incarnation, Harry Potter will certainly use the controller as a wand for some excellent spell-casting, and SSX will most likely revamp their trick system. And The Godfather? Is anyone else seeing an intense cigar-smoking simulation?

[Thanks, John and Cabbage!]
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