Interview with a homebrewer

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Andrew Yoon
July 14th, 2006
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Interview with a homebrewer
Homebrew is a huge part of the hardcore PSP scene. But, it's pretty obvious why Sony's trying to battle it as hard as they can. Sony would be in an even greater world of legal hurt if it allowed easy access to pirated material. Also, what kind of confidence would publishers have in the PSP platform if people don't actually buy games for it? While many can see the reasoning behind Sony's efforts, what's the inspiration behind the incredible dedication of the PSP homebrew community? DCEmu recently interviewed a coder that goes by the name of ZX-81, who is considered one of the most prolific coders of PSP homebrew. Some of the interesting points in the interview:
  • ZX-81 started coding for the PSP when his friend showed him other homebrew applications running on the system.
  • He believes the PSP scene is "fantastic," with an active, helpful international community.
  • He has only bought one PSP game: Grand Theft Auto, in order to run homebrew.
While the interview is interesting, it's also distressing to a gamer like myself. I didn't buy a PSP to illegally emulate games... I bought it for some high-quality portable gaming. If PSP gamers like ZX-81 don't buy games, do you think homebrew is helping... or hurting the PSP?
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