Sanyo intros water-resistant Xacti CA6 still/video camera

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Sanyo intros water-resistant Xacti CA6 still/video camera
Sanyo's introduced yet another entry in its catch-all line of Xacti digital cameras, the Xacti CA6, a fairly minor update to the C6. We're not sure what the "A" stands for, but the biggest addition to this model, apart from the new sporty colors, is its water-resistant casing -- although Sanyo's quick to cover its bases and point out that it isn't completely waterproof, so don't go all Jacques Cousteau with it. In terms of specs, however, the cam looks to be pretty much identical to the C6, packing a 5x optical zoom, 2-inch flip-out LCD, and taking 6 megapixel still pics and 30 fps VGA MPEG-4 video. Sanyo's also managed to knock a full $200 of the original list price of the C6, with the CA6 now coming in at a more reasonable $400 US. Look for it in August.

[Via LetsGoDigital]
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