Ask Engadget: Moto Q tips and tricks?

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Paul Miller
July 21st, 2006
Ask Engadget: Moto Q tips and tricks? image
Ask Engadget: Moto Q tips and tricks? image
You've got questions, and well, the rest of you have answers. That's right, it's time for Ask Engadget. You hit us up at ask at engadget dawt com with the questions you'd like your Engadget-reading peers to take on, and we'll let them sort it out in our comments. Last time Eric was looking for a way to stay in touch. Now Joey wants a bit of Q help:

I've had the Q since last Friday and am having some minor email (Gmail, actually) issues. I was wondering if you could post an article for Q owners to submit tips, tricks, work-arounds, etc.

We know more than a few of you have picked up that oh-so-skinny WM5 handset, any tips for our man Eric? We're also betting there are some potential buyers on the fences who would love to hear of any hidden potential the Q might have in store.
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