Noble Pink releases, retailers rejoice

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David Hinkle
July 20th, 2006
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Noble Pink releases, retailers rejoice
No, they are not rejoicing because they enjoy having crazy-long lines of consumers standing about in their store, waiting with quiet desire to get their hands on the newest edition of the DS Lite. They rejoice because those puppies sell out with the quickness and the latest release, the Noble Pink DS Lite, was no exception.

The link over to Famitsu's coverage of the release in Japan show consumers of all ages toughing it out in line, no doubt their feet hating them for the long bout of standing. The ends justify the means, however, as several of those with a vendetta against their ten-toed appendages posed for the camera with pink DS in hand, showing the unbridled joy that usually comes on the morning of December 25th, for some of us.
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