Seether's Shaun Morgan loves getting Infected on his PSP

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Andrew Yoon
July 21st, 2006
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Seether's Shaun Morgan loves getting Infected on his PSP
Earlier, we told you about Seether's PSP love: they were offering downloadable content to your PSP and a contest to win a custom PSP, loaded with all sorts of Seether goodness. The Hollywood Bite found some time to talk to Shaun Morgan, lead singer and guitarist of Seether. When speaking of the PSP, he had this to say: "All of my friends have PSPs... We can sit around and play games on them. Those are powerful little machines. There are so many out there. If you provide downloadable content that's free, people will probably find it sooner or later."

Surprisingly, the band's favorite game is the generally well-received PSP-exclusive Infected. While he loves his PSP, Shaun isn't afraid to take a pretty non-fanboy-ish stance in the world of gaming and get a DS Lite in addition to keeping his PSP. "I'm going to get a Nintendo DS Lite because I love those Japanese games, which tend to be more bizarre and freaky," said Shaun. "They have those new train-your-brain things. I'm really into games that challenge you. Brain Age Academy. I'm 27. I feel like it's necessary at my age. If I can find a game that can teach me something, that's even better. They seem to have come a long way with the technology of the Nintendo DS Lite."

The article ends with Shaun's hope for more music to video game tie-ins. "You've reached someone who might not have heard of your band, because they only watch MTV. This is a great way for rock bands that don't have a place on the TV channels."
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