Sony packs pedometers into upcoming Network Walkmen

Evan Blass
E. Blass|07.21.06

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Sony packs pedometers into upcoming Network Walkmen
Watch out Apple and Nike, because Sony's got a new set of Network Walkmen waiting in the wings that pack a pedometer right into the players themselves, eliminating the need for a separate kit and expensive pair of sneakers. Although it doesn't sound like the cigar-shaped, 2GB NW-S205F and 1GB NW-S203F will offer the same online experience as you'd find at the Nikeplus website, you're still getting calorie, step, and distance counter functionality right out of the box, along with a stopwatch and FM tuner -- plus an armband to keep everything secure. The nano still holds the edge in screen quality -- and capacity, obviously -- as the new Sonys sport but a one-line OLED display. Pricing here is pretty attractive, with the black S205F and silver S203F going for $150 and $120, respectively, when they hit stores in either September or October.
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