Amazon drops music store plans, will launch movie service

Scott McNulty
S. McNulty|07.24.06

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Amazon drops music store plans, will launch movie service has held a place in my heart for a long time. They were the first e-retailer (do people even use that term anymore?) that I used back when they sold books (and nothing else). We all know that Amazon excels at selling stuff online so it seems like a no brainer that they would, sooner or later, compete with the iTunes Music Store.

Well, it looks like Amazon is giving Apple the music space and instead focusing on video. That's right, Amazon has reportedly axed their idea of launching a music store and will now focus on selling video online via Amazon DV (that's 'Digital Video' to you). You will need to download a client in order to purchase or rent movies from Amazon (here's hoping there is a Mac client) and pricing is not yet known. I suppose we'll have to wait until mid-August to see if this dog will hunt.

Now, I wonder what Steve will be announcing in terms of movies in August. This space is getting interesting, folks.
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