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ASUS intros 2-megapixel candybar with autofocus

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|07.25.06

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ASUS intros 2-megapixel candybar with autofocus
After adding a slider and flip to its stable of autofocus camera phones, ASUS is turning its attention to the candybar form factor, showing the V80 last week. Other than the autofocus 2-megapixel shooter with macro, there's not much to write home about -- though the FM recorder is kinda nifty. Other features include a QR code reader, Bluetooth 1.2, 220 x 176 display, and EDGEless Class 10 GPRS. ASUS is making a big deal about the V80's 16mm thickness, but we're not entirely sure why, considering that Samsung's 9.9mm D830 alleges autofocus capability just the same. No word on availability or pricing, but thanks to quadband GSM, we might just keep an eye out for this sucker stateside.
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