Newest "World's Largest HDTV" at Tokyo racetrack

Apparently bigger is always better in the realm of giant HDTVs, and the leapfrog game to have the largest -- even for just a few months -- continues as Mitsubishi has constructed a baffling 8,066 square-foot display at Tokyo Racecourse in Japan. By far the biggest Diamond Vision unit ever built, it trumps their own creation at Turner Field in Atlanta by spanning 218 feet wide by 37 feet high and allowing for 3 races to be shown at once. The two previous title-holders were Miami's Dolphin Stadium at 137 x 50 feet and Texas' Longhorn Stadium at 134 x 55 feet. Controversy over the true king will surely arise due to Tokyo's set only rising 37 feet in height and rocking an unorthodox 5.89 aspect ratio, but it does indeed sport Hi-Vision (1080), making it a legitmate HDTV. Personally, we'd be able to get more use from a couple plasmas, but if you've got the space acreage, there probably isn't a better way to spend $28 million.

[Via HD Beat]