Some games we want to see on the Wii

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David Hinkle
July 27th, 2006
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Some games we want to see on the Wii
After reporting on T3's Wii wishlist, we couldn't help but wonder what kind of games we would want to see on the Wii. In the hopes of being rich guys who think of game ideas and stuff spirit of sharing, we thought we would add in our own 5 titles, completely made up and not lacking in vitamin ridiculous. Our list goes something like:
  • Rickshaw Rush - We assure you we're not racist. Instead, we picture us holding both Wiimotes in steady fashion, jogging in place as we take rich Japanese businessmen to their destination. Lowering or lifting a controller will cause the rickshaw to turn in that respective direction. Fun for all ages!
  • Frisbee Frenzy Funtime - Gripping the Wiimote sideways, the player must physically toss it in order to fling the virtual Frisbee through hoops for points. A lot of people end up breaking their Wiimotes. The end boss is hard.
  • Hammer Time - This is pretty much the greatest idea for a Wii game you will ever hear. You play as an up-and-coming young contractor, looking to make a place for yourself and get a slice of the lucrative pie that is the construction industry. As such, you take up a partnership with the bankrupt, however incredibly-talented, MC Hammer. Together, you will hang drywall, spackle, cement walkways, and lay carpet like, it's your job. And with a job this fun, who'd ever want to quit?!
  • Scratch That Itch! - Basically, you just scratch people. This game will be rated T for Teen.
  • Martha Stewart's Ironing Extravaganza - Martha's been in prison for a long time, and as such her linens have been sitting around, collecting wrinkles and dust. Now that she's out, it's time to roll up those sleeves and get things in order! Use the Wiimote to iron curtains, shirts, table cloths, and anything else your imagination could desire. It's a no-holds-barred homemaking deathmatch when you go one-on-one against the Femme Fatale of Fabric.
Now, how about you fine readers? What are your craziest ideas for games that could make it on the Wii?
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