Five million stars in new PSP non-game

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Andrew Yoon
July 28th, 2006
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Five million stars in new PSP non-game
Nintendo has learned a valuable lesson from its Touch Generation series of games: people don't want to play games, they want to learn! Sega plans on bringing a new non-game to the PSP called Homestar, which unfortunately has nothing to do with Homestar Runner. It's a planetarium that fits in your pocket, with five million stars, sixteen magnitudes of zoom, and the ability to recreate natural phenomenon like eclipses. You'll be able to read up on the history of certain stellar bodies, and with Fantasy Theater mode, you can learn more about the stars in a voice-narrated guide, similar to space shows at natural history museums.

It's coming to Japan on 10/19 and comes with the low, low price of 3280 yen (about $30). Are you going to rush out and pre-order this baby? Because I'm not...

[Via IGN]
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