Bomberman: Act Zero bombs

I'm publishing Dirk Dorkelson's Bomberman: Act Zero rant in near entirety:

According to the Official Xbox mag review, which gives Bomberman: Act Zero a whopping 4 out of 10, the ultimate party game won't be playable at parties. For some bizarre, boneheaded reason, the game is only multiplayer if you play it online. A quick check of Konami's website seems to confirm this, with it listing the game as a single-player game, with 2-8 players online.

Sadly, this also probably means that my married friends who I game with online all the time won't be able to play the title with me over Xbox Live unless they take turns playing. Lame.

How the hell could they screw up something so basic? Isn't the true joy of Bomberman inviting a few friends over and blasting the hell out of each other while having a few beers?

Also, the game has 99 levels in the single-player mode. But you can't save your progress.

calls it "impossible to love." Color me disappointed.