Nintendo denies Space World, speculates on Mario at launch

Ross Miller
R. Miller|08.06.06

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Nintendo denies Space World, speculates on Mario at launch
There is no Space World planned for 2006, according to Nintendo of America PR Manager Matt Atwood. The confirmation, told to Advanced Media Network, dispels some speculation as to when Nintendo would announce the Wii's launch details. As there is no Space World, and no one from Nintendo speaking at the Tokyo Games Show, the likely location for launch announcements will be at the Leipzig Games Convention during the August 23 "Wii Prove our Promise" presentation.

As goes Nintendo's modus operandi, the secretive company cannot destroy a rumor without spawning a replacement. Atwood also told AMN that, since the official launch lineup has not been announced, Super Mario Galaxy might still make launch lineup.

"Anything is possible," he said. That is not a confirmation by any stretch of the imagination, but just enough to tantalize the masses. O, Nintendo, why must you torment us so?

[via Nintendo Wii Fanboy]
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