WWDC 2006 Live Keynote Coverage

Scott McNulty
S. McNulty|08.07.06

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WWDC 2006 Live Keynote Coverage

That's right, TUAWers, we'll be offering live coverage of his Steveness' WWDC keynote today, which starts at 1pm EST. What goodies will Steve be talking about? Well, we know for sure that a preview of Leopard will be shown, I am sure iPod sales will be recapped, and I think Steve will say 'Boom' a few times. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine.

Now, if you just don't like the way TUAW covers things there are many other sites that will be on the ground covering the event. Our very own Engadget as well as MacNN, The Apple Blog, MacRumors, and MacTeens will all be covering things as they happen. So if you like your news without that patented 'TUAW charm' head on over to one of those sites (or, if you are anything like me, load them all up different tabs and switch back and forth).

Update: MacDailyNews will also be covering the keynote. Leave links in the comments and I'll update the post accordingly. Ars Technica will be covering the keynote with an IRC channel (so geeky!). Apple Matters has a special section up just for the keynote. For German coverage check out Mac Essentials. Norwegian and Scandinavian readers should point their browers to Mac 1 whilst Spanish speaking TUAWers (Hola!) should head on over to faq-macs coverage. There will be even more Spanish coverage (Aye carumba!) at ALT1040.
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