Xbox modder becomes a fugitive, one-armed man stays out of it

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|08.08.06

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Xbox modder becomes a fugitive, one-armed man stays out of it
Jason Jones, the upstanding proprietor of one ACME Game Store, thought he was experiencing just another day in the booming, illegally modded Xbox retail market (and not the coyote-pandering dynamite and rocket shoes market, as you may have incorrectly anticipated). Little did he know that his latest customer, one with suspiciously long arms, had unseen motives that eventually led to the law knocking on the door.

An undercover investigator for the Entertainment Software Association (they have those?) made sure that Mr. Jones and his accomplice, Jonathan Bryant, were rightly punished for selling chipped Xbox consoles, each one loaded with over 50 pirated games and selling for between $225 and $500. In addition to being slapped with a fine of $2,648 by the ESA, Mr. Jones will be equipped with an electronic bracelet and confined to his home. Should he attempt to leave, the bracelet will let out a high-pitched yelp and large men with guns will promptly arrive and shove him back into his room.

A third modder, Pei "Patrick" Cai, evaded this horrendous fate by becoming a full-fledged fugitive. It's not nearly as dramatic as being on the run for murder, but police have nevertheless been advised to keep an eye out for a shifty looking fellow with a chip on his solder. (OOF!)
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