Designers ready to go to work on Blu-ray and HD DVD interactive menus

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Designers ready to go to work on Blu-ray and HD DVD interactive menus
With the capabilities offered by interactive menus, iHD and BD-J features, Blu-ray and HD DVD discs can go far beyond the simple static background menus we've gotten used to from DVDs. As a result, this CNet article indicates they will go from largely an afterthought to creating a need for professional designers able to get the most out of the new formats. David Anderson of Giant Software, fresh after attending the recent DVD Forum event, was interviewed so he was expectedly very high on the PiP, persistent storage-enabled downloads, and other capabilities of HD DVD. He also reiterated a claim we've heard frequently from the HD DVD camp, that Blu-ray's BD-J would be more difficult and expensive to take advantage of, but he seemed ready for that and is staffing up on programmers adequately experienced. We'll know this has gone too far when The Graduate's famed career advice "Plastics." is replaced with "Java" (U.S. MGM/Fox edition) and "XML (European StudioCanal release).

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