Kodak's Easyshare P712 "performance" cam reviewed

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Paul Miller
August 10, 2006 6:02 PM
Kodak's Easyshare P712 "performance" cam reviewed
Kodak's top-tier P712, announced in June, sure has some good specs for its price range, like a 12x zoom, 0.07 click-to-capture rate (which Kodak claims is the best in its class), RAW image capture and the always welcome optical image stabilization. The folks at Digital Camera Review have been doing what they do, and seem to like like the camera for the most part. The image stabilization does its thing without a hitch, shutter speed is practically instantaneous, and the 2.5-inch LCD and EVF were some of the best the reviewer has seen. There do seem to be a few chromatic aberrations and noise problems with the image quality, though overall it's pretty good, and the autofocus can be sluggish at times, nullifying the gains of that speedy shutter. The P712 also suffers from a shortage of battery life, managing around 150 shots with most of the features engaged, but the 14.2 ounce camera does feel good in the hand. Overall, it's hard to match for the $500 pricetag, and should make a good choice for a beginner photog or a DSLR wannabe.
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