World of Warcraft TCG: Ally Cards

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|08.11.06

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World of Warcraft TCG: Ally Cards
These two preview articles highlight the different allies you'll have access to in-game, and what they can and can't do for you. There are different allies for players playing alliance and horde heroes, which I imagine adds some distinct flavor to playing either side in the game. Each ally has a resource cost (the number of resources you must expend to put it into play), an attack power (the amount of damage they can do to an opponent), a health rating (the amount of damage an enemy has to do to kill them), and sometimes special abilities. One ability of note is the "protector" ability - which I would describe in in-game turns as a warrior's taunt. When one player decides to attack another in the TCG, they choose an ally to attack with and an ally on their opponents' side to attack - however, if their opponent has any allies with the protector ability, they may use those cards to defend against the attack instead.

The alliance preview introduces us to the dwarf paladin Maxum Ironbrew (who can heal himself) and everyone's favorite king of Ironforge, Magni Bronzebeard (who summons a dwarf warriors each turn to fight with you and also allows all dwarves in your deck to be protectors).

The horde preview introduces us to the Orgrimmar grunt (which becomes more powerful the more grunts you have in play) and Warchief Thrall (who increases the attack power and health of all your horde allies).
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