Xbox ownership dispute leads to arson

Evan Blass
E. Blass|08.13.06

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Following the horrific incident in 2004 in which four dim-witted individuals perpetrated a home invasion and mass murder in order to "reclaim" their repo'ed Xbox, comes another tale of disputed console ownership leading to tragic consequences. A 20-year-old Seattle man returned to his former residence on Thursday in an attempt to take possession of an Xbox that he had supposedly purchased, and in a classic example of "if I can't play with this toy then no one can," tossed the 'Box right through a window and into the front yard. Not content with destroying what may have been his own property, the young man returned later that night and set fire to home's back porch, and although no injuries were reported, the structure was apparently completely gutted. Making the suspect even more eligible for the "Stupid Criminals' Hall of Fame" was the fact that he called the house from a payphone (while it was still burning, presumably) to brag of his crime and make additional threats. The lesson here: videogames may or may not incite folks to violence, but fighting over them sure does.

[Via Joystiq]
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