GASP: Phantom console fails to materialize

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|08.16.06

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GASP: Phantom console fails to materialize

As tempting as it was to conjure up a "Phantom console CANCELLED" headline, the realization quickly set in that such a sensational piece of text simply wouldn't make any sense. How do you cancel something that never even existed to begin with? Zing, etc. It would appear that Phantom Entertainment has revamped their ball of lies website, quietly ushering in the demise of an imagined console and the arrival of an allusion to some sort of broadband game service.

Said service is described as "the first end-to-end, on-demand game service delivering online games directly to your living room or any comfortable setting in your home or workplace." Fascinating, but since "the Company intends to modify the Phantom Game Service software to run as client software on personal computers operating Windows XP and Windows XP Media center operating systems," games will only be going to your living room should that be the location of your computer. First indeed.

Further comedic value can be found in the "Who We Are" section, which duly describes the company as "
an industry-leading, global entertainment and interactive game company." To be fair, it's probably the most truthful statement to be found on the entire website, as Phantom Entertainment is undoubtedly the leader of at least one industry and is frequently a provider of entertainment. Well, that and $129.95 Lapboards which, with the original console canned, barely have a reason to exist.

[Thanks, delerious.]
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