Villeroy & Boch's Aquagate integrates tunes into your shower

For the person who has everything, including a million dollar floating bed to roll out of, the Aquagate should probably provide the touch of class you've been yearning for when you hit the bathroom. Villeroy & Boch's glass rectangle comes in two sizes, 90 x 100 cm and 100 x 130 cm, possibly for those planning on throwing small get-togethers within the confines -- but hey, who wouldn't want to show off their MP3 / radio-playing shower with touchscreen displays on both sides of the glass? You heard right, this box lets you control the ambiance with waterproof control screens and built-in speakers, and gives you a myriad of options when deciding how the water will be dispersed. Steam baths, mists, and even streams of water that vary in temperature based on your desires supposedly make for a blissful experience for the "bath enthusiast" (bathusiast?). There's also pre-selected settings for "waking up," "cooling down," and an "aroma and light therapy" that reportedly replicates the lush feeling of a tropical sunbath (though we aren't exactly certain what that feels like). The "central gate" is available in teak wood, pure Italian limestone, and aluminum (presumably for the Mac lovers out there), and while pricing is not mentioned, we assume the usual rule of thumb here: if you have to ask, the pricetag will probably hit you like a cold shower -- and besides, can you imagine the Windex required to keep this thing clean?

[Via Sci Fi Tech]