Financial report says Wii could go for $170

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David Hinkle
August 16th, 2006
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Financial report says Wii could go for $170
Tokyo-based NikkoCitigroup has recently issued a report stating that Nintendo's latest rise in stock prices could see the Wii selling for a lot cheaper than the already ridiculously cheap price most financial types have been speculating. Predicting that the unit will sell for 19,800 yen in Japan, which translates into a $170.00 US price tag, would see the unit launching at a price point far lower than any of its competition, something with which the system would already be doing by releasing under $250 US as previously stated.

This institution earlier predicted the unit would sell for 25,000 yen in Japan, but is now of the assumption that CPU manufacturing costs are going to be drastically lower than what Nintendo has expected. Regardless of why they changed their previous prediction, we'd like to see a $199.99 bundle with a free Virtual Console credit and extra Wiimote.
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