Sharp ships SX633 to Hong Kong's SmartTone-Vodafone

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|08.18.06

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Sharp ships SX633 to Hong Kong's SmartTone-Vodafone
Apparently Sharp likes its 705SH for Softbank Mobile enough to export the thin clamshell, though not before getting a name change. Apart from some minor cosmetic changes, the tri-band SX633 is a dead ringer for its Japanese cousin, ready to bring joy to the hearts of SmartTone-Vodafone customers willing to shed the asking price of $4,180 HKD -- a bit north of $500 USD. For the money, you get a 17mm-thick 3G clamshell with 2.2-inch QVGA internal and 72 x 12 external displays, and microSD support for when you fill that 20MB of internal memory to the brim, all in your choice of Black Opal, Pink Champagne, or Silver McIntyre. Doesn't quite seem to justify the coin; we'll pass. Er, we would if we were in Hong Kong, that is.

[Via Ministry of Tech]
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