Mad Catz to unveil Xbox Live Arcade Stick for Xbox 360

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.19.06

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Mad Catz to unveil Xbox Live Arcade Stick for Xbox 360
If you're one of the few hardcore folks that have been getting by with a hacked Street Fighter joystick on your Xbox 360, Mad Catz is (hopefully) coming to the rescue. All signs are currently pointing towards the impending release of a retro-styled Xbox Live Arcade Stick that not only adds an entirely new dimension to those immensely addicting HD Xbox Live arcade titles, but is rumored to actually include a few with the purchase of the 'stick. While things aren't set in stone quite yet, a few internet sleuths nabbed a screen cap (hit the read link for a peek) of the pre-order page -- which was quickly yanked, of course -- that shows an awkwardly high $69.99 price and an October ship date. Our friends over at Joystiq have claimed that the yankage occurred because Mad Catz still hasn't finalized which games it'll toss in, and for reasons beyond our understanding, have suggested that we'll see a $49.99 pricetag when the pre-order (really) officially starts. Whatever the holdup, we're glad to see someone stepping up and offering us retro gamers a controller that feels a bit more natural, and we'll consider this kit a much more worthwhile purchase should it actually drop for under 50 bucks.

[Via Joystiq]
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